Manufacturers Of Organo-functional Silicones, their Emulsions, Silicone and Organic Antifoam/ Defoamers, Silicone Lubricants & Feel Modifiers for Textile& Leather Industries.

Om Tex Chem Private Limited is a reputed and leading manufacturer of Silicones with over 20 years of experience in production of:
• Silicone fluids
• Organo-functional silicone fluids (Amino& Block silicones)
• Silicone softeners
• Silicone &organic antifoams/ defoamers
• Silicone emulsions
• Silicone compounds
• Masonry Water Repellent
• Mold release agents
• Silicone Surfactant Spreaders for agricultural applications

Om Tex Chem provides solutions to textile and garment sector with extensive range of fabric softeners, yarn lubricants and water repellents. For agricultural sector, we offer Silicone super spreader adjuvants and defoamers. For rubber, plastic and die casting industries a range of excellent mold release agents. Our vast range of anti-foams/ defoamers find use in industries viz. dyes & chemicals, sugar, distilleries, oil & gas, pulp & paper, inks & paints, effluent and sewage treatment plants.

Research & Development

Our integrated manufacturing and R&D facilities with highly experienced technical team allows us to develop tailor-made solutions to meet our customer's requirement, while allowing us to scale-up developments from the lab to pilot plant to bulk production in the shortest possible time.

Develop more effective products
Formulate and develop new products
Evaluate products effectiveness
Develop sophisticated production techniques

Our Products