Silicone Softeners For Denim

Silicone Softeners For Denim

Silicone Softeners
Silicone Softeners For Denim

Micro emulsion products that impart a soft handle, superior feel with excellent surface smoothness and durable finishfor denims.

Picking the right softener is crucial, not just for the hand feel but also the final appearance of your garment. Silicone softeners in particular play aanimportant role in achieving the desired brightness and color cast required for recent fashion trends in denim.

Characteristics of Denim softener range are:

  • •  Hydrophobic Silicone for cotton and knit.
  • •  Color/ depth enhancement
  • •  Imparts excellent inner softness
  • •  Imparts Superior feel / handle
  • •  Superior surface smoothness, feel and handle
  • •  Leaves no residue or smell on the Fabrics