Thread Lubricant - TL Range

Thread Lubricant - TL Range

Reduces coefficient of friction of sewing threads, reduces abrasion, resulting in reducing heat generation and wear and tear and inhibits breakage of the thread.

Sewing thread lubricant
Provides exceptionally low level of friction on threads by reducing the coefficient of friction, ensures a uniform pick-up, provides an excellent gliding action and is efficient for high-speed sewing lines.

• Reduces Co-efficient of friction
• Inhibits breakage of the thread
• Improved abrasion resistance
• Reduced hairiness
• Reduces thread tension
• Enables high-speed sewing
• Does not compromise seam strength

• Oil based (nonaqueous product)
• Emulsion (aqueous product)

Yarn Lubricant
Prepared from specially modified cationic fatty-acid base, waxes and modified silicones. The product imparts excellent surface softness, smoothness with fuller handle and bulkiness. It is designed to impart a superior feel and finish to the yarn.

The lubricant can be effortlessly diluted with cold water in any proportions, to form a stable emulsion. This is a cost effective lubricant, which is most suitable for cotton, cotton blends, viscose & polyester yarns.

• Imparts superior suppleness and softness
• Imparts surface smoothness as required by Cotton, its blends, also for staple viscose yarn.
• Leaves No Residue on the Yarn.
• Compatibility with cationic & nonionic products